theTDP Hardboard

Naturally !

Sustainably managed raw materials

With commitments from our local suppliers, we guarantee that the wood we use limits the environmental impact, through sustainable management of our forests. We are certified both for PEFC and FSC®.

A natural process

During production of the boards, a thermo-mechanical operation polymerizes the lignin in the wood. This enables bonding of the fibres without the addition of synthetic binders.

Green energy

Our automated production plant is equipped with a large capacity biomass furnace that burns all our wood waste to generate thermal energy.

No Formaldéhyde added

Our board products comply with all international standards governing formaldehyde emissions: CARB II, F****, E1 + , etc.

The hardboard is not subject to CARB II, because our manufacturing process ensure TDP products are exempt from/automatically comply with California Air Resource Board (CARB) ATCM for Formaldehyde Emissions.

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NFB Label

NFB is a brand for natural products which certifies that TDP hardboard complies with European environmental standards.