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Isorel, Hardboard, Panneaux de fibre dure

The company

Tarnaise des panneaux, fibres dures Since 1953, Tarnaise des Panneaux has been producing ecological panels with wood-fibre, a totally natural product ISOREL. This hardboard is made by applying high pressure treatment into the wood (steam and hydraulic).The wet manufacturing process does not need any adhesive to bond the wood-fibre together.
The company owns the patent for using the NFB (Natural Fibreboard) trademark. Its production is shared between two sites: Labruguière (Tarn, 81) and Saint-Usage (Côte d’Or, 21).

In the quest for sustainable development, Tarnaise des Panneaux is concerned by producing and selling a product which is suitable for the environmental expectations across the globe, giving priority to customer care, product quality while preserving the natural beauty of woodlands and the wildlife.

Isorel, Hardboard, panneaux de fibre dure, panneaux agglomérés, panneaux particules