Tarnaise des panneaux SAS - Isorel, Hardboard, Panneaux de fibres dures.

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Panneaux de fibres dures

Isorel, Hardboard

Panneaux bois agglomérés

Bois, panneaux fibres dures

Isorel, Hardboard

emballages, plv

Isorel, Hardboard, panneaux de fibre dure

ISOREL Description


ISOREL is a natural product. This hardboard is made by applying high pressure treatment into the wood (steam and hydraulic).The wet manufacturing process does not need any adhesive containing any urea-formol the wood-fibre together. The boards have one face smooth, one face rough.

Performances / Norms

Class E1: The EN 120 norm is for an emission under of 8 mg of formaldehyde / 100 g of dry wood. Our panel is below 1 mg.
Toys norm EN 71 for heavy metals.
Classified HB in accordance with norms EN 316, EN 622/1, 662/2.
Directive 2005-20-CE for Packaging.
These panels are not subject to Norm NIMP-15, FAO March 2002.
Use in dry area.
ISOREL panels are totally biodegradable product.
They can be incinerated and used for natural heating.
They can be recycled for cardboard pulp.

Product range

The ISOREL board is produced in seven main categories :
DEO (Packaging Quality)
DOO (Standard Quality)
DPO (Door Quality)
DPS (Surfaced Door Quality)
DPT (Quality for lacquering)
DPL (Quality for lamination/ melamine surface)
DCM (Mouldable panel)

An industrial Know-how :Machining / Transformation

With a wide range of machines we are able to realise a large number of cut to size and machine shapings that fulfil all your needs :

  • Industrial saws : Schelling, Mogöh, Schwabedissen, Sheer
  • CNC machine (Biesse)
  • Cutting-off corners machine
  • Punching machine
  • Multiblade saw
  • Sanding machine (Imeas)